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    Mohammed Sadikot

    “Excellent school with modern way of techniques… Keep it up…!!!”.

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    Fatima Kudrati

    “For a change, my son wasn’t complaining about not wanting to go to school. He was happy to go and learn at Meadows Academy”.

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    Feisal Merali

    “I swear by this school.. international standards with a personal touch! Couldn’t have asked for anything more. My daughter is always more than happy to be at school and it is amazing to see her learn and grow each day. Would recommend this school for any parent who would want an international curriculum, very informative and well communicative staff, as well as new and interesting methods of teaching integrated through play!”.

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    Zahra Asgerali

    “I got to see pleasantly positive changes in my son since he joined the Meadows Academy. It’s a delight to see him grow this way. Meadows academy has a great, fun, caring staff and has amazing teaching techniques and skills. Wishing the staff of Meadows academy the best always!”.

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    Fatema Tapya Sulemanjee

    “What a big difference this school has made in my son, not only has he become more polite and observant, but he seems happier and looks forward to every school day. He knows so much in such a short time!”

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