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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of teachers?

All of our head teachers have a certificate diploma or degree in Early Childhood Education. Ongoing professional development training is also given by the Academy to the teachers.

Does the Academy offer after school programs?

Yes, several after school programs are offered. Each program is directed to honing a particular set of non-academic skills in your child. Find details of ASP's in the right toolbar or on the 'Parents' page.

What are the ages of children you accept?

Meadows Academy is a kindergarten and primary school. It caters for children from 1-9 years of age, that is, programs for Toddlers up till Grade 3.

How many students are enrolled at the Academy?

The number of children in a class or totally in the school will not affect the superior learning offered by the Academy. In fact, Meadows prides itself for keeping optimum teacher to child ratios to ensure personalized teaching, progress tracking and maintaining discipline standards.

Does the Academy provide food?

No, it does not. Students are required to bring their own snacks and lunches.

How can parents get involved in classrooms?

Parents are not allowed to join students during school hours, as we believe in helping the child become a confident and independent learner and encourage that you let your child adjust slow and steady. Once the school year is underway, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved, from helping students at events and going on class field trips. Several kindergarten family events are scheduled on evenings throughout the year.

What is the fees structure?

Each program is priced uniquely and several other components such as differently abled and extra-curricular activities come into play to determine your fees. Refer to the fees handbook in the right toolbar for a detailed breakdown.

What forms do I need to register my child?

To enroll your child, you need to complete Meadows Academy's Application Form. You can find this ready for download in the right toolbar or on the 'Parents' page. Admission fees are payable upon submission of the completed form

What clothing does my child need to be in?

Your child will need 2 blue polo shirts and 2 khaki trousers/skirts as part of the uniform. For Sports, your child will need to be in a plain yellow t-shirt and blue cotton shorts.

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